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Our Aircraft

At flyingonline.biz we have the best of both worlds - training available in both high and low wing aircraft. We believe it is good to be a flexible flyer and have the opportunity to learn in different aircraft once you have obtained your Pilot Certificate or during your learning phase. 
Jabiru LSA
Jabiru LSA

The Jabiru LSA - is an Australian made high wing aircraft and accommodates a Jabiru 2200 Solid Lifter, air cooled 80 hp engine.

This great little aircraft is ideal for students and pilots of all levels and cruises at about 90 kts burning 12-14 litres per hour - a very economical option for long flights.

The Jabiru has the high wing configuration catering for great landscape shots from an aerial perspective. Your passenger can enjoy the delights of a local flight and enjoy the views around the Great Lakes, Hindmarsh Island, the Murray Mouth, the Coorong, Victor Harbor and the Bluff. 
Tecnam P96 Golf
Tecnam P96 Golf 100

The Tecnam P96 Golf 100 - is an Italian made low wing aircraft with a Rotax 912ULS, liquid cooled 100 hp engine.

This solid metal frame and fabric controls aircraft cruises at around 90-100 kts burning 18-20 litres per hour with a capacity of 96 litres on board.

The Tecnam has a slide back bubble canopy which allows for great visibility and the adjustable seats cater for most people, large and small. Great for a quick day flight to Kingston SE, Kangaroo Island or further afield to the Grampians, Yunta, Arkaroola or even Lake Eyre!
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