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Diana Jemson

Well this page is about me so you can appreciate my journey into and through the world of aviation and learning to fly. 
The picture is of me as the proud new owner of Jabiru 3483 in July 2009. It was flown from its home in Warnervale to Temora (YTEM) by Martyn where we negotiated the sale and I flew my baby back home to SA.

My first aviation article was published in the Recreational Aviation Australia magazine - June 2009 edition and received a lot of positive feedback.

My second article was published in the August 2010 edition, my CAGIT article in 2011 and my Kilmore Gap article in 2012.

My flying journey began in 2006 at Jandakot Airfield in Western Australia. I was there for work and found some spare time (and money) to start learning. I initially completed about 10 hours and returned to Adelaide, South Australia. It took a little time before I was flying again and when I did, it was in Recreational Aviation and at Murray Bridge (YMBD) and thanks to my friend Grant. 
My Jabiru LSA July 2009
Since then, I have had lots of fun. I achieved my Pilot Certificate in 3 months and my Navigation (Cross-Country Endorsement) 6 weeks later then took my first long trip (2.5 hrs) to Weekeroo, north of Murray Bridge a few days after that. I thank both Neil and James at YMBD for the flying experiences they passed on, both have very different skills so I believe I got the best of both worlds.

The rest is now history... I have since flown to Temora (via Hay) to collect my plane (July 2009), to Warrnambool (August 2009) and Deniliquin NSW (May 2010) to collect aircraft for fellow pilots.  I've flown to Lake Eyre (2009 & 2011) and surrounding areas (including Weekeroo, William Creek, Marree, Muloorina Station), Arkaroola (several times including Lake Frome and a flight in the Auster over Sillers Lookout, The Armchair, the Gorge and the village, and again for Christmas 2009), Kangaroo Island 3 times, the Grampians 3 times and Kingston (YKIG) so many times I have given up counting, especially since it is only about an hour flight along the coastline from Goolwa (YGWA).

In 2010 I became an RA-Aus Instructor, then advanced to Senior Instructor and during that time I racked up over 250 instructing hours within a 10 month period. In 2011 I transferred to Goolwa and in 2012 I started my own Recreational Aviation Flight Training Facility. Now it's 2013 and we have relocated to Strathalbyn for all weather runways. I have now also been approved as CFI so another exciting milestone achieved. It is exciting to be able to pass knowledge on to others who are passionate about this activity. I think one of the biggest joys is sending a student on their first solo... the sense of satisfaction (from both sides) and the reward of the biggest, broadest grin when they get out of the aircraft after completing their solo flight.

I have met some most wonderful and generous aviators (and friends) who love to share their life experiences and flying tales. I am an active supporter of aviation and a member of the Australian Womens Pilot's Association (AWPA). I am the Secretary for the AWPA SA/NT chapter and now Editor of the National AWPA AirNews magazine.

With a background in technical writing, instructional design and corporate facilitation, I have used those skills to develop learning and training materials for use within the flying school so our students can learn the necessary details in a fun and interactive way.

In Feb 2011 I went after and obtained the CAGIT (Come And Get It Trophy) as listed on the RA-Aus website. My CAGIT article was published in the March 2011 edition of the Recreational Aviation Australia Magazine (now called Sport Pilot) and reproduced on the SAC website in their Newsletter. Of course... nothing lasts for long... and it has since gone to new owners... but hey... why don't you set yourself the challenge and aim to get the trophy for your own milestone.

So if you want to learn to fly, and achieve your own dream, then come and see us at Strathalbyn Airfield. There are beautiful sights to behold that surround our airfield including the southern Mt Lofty ranges, vast sea front, Hindmarsh Island and the Great Lakes (Alexandrina and Albert)... you will never get sick of the views and the many opportunities for 'whale spotting' between May and October each year.

Strathalbyn Airfield (YSYN)
479 Angas Plains Road
Langhorne Creek, South Australia
m: 0412 184 609
e: training@flyingonline.biz
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