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This page keeps you up to date with what's going on in and around the aviation arena. Have you got something to add, an event or trip away... then email us and let us know. updated17/10/15  

newCONGRATUILATIONS - Tyson Hillyard - BFR 17/10/15.

newPLB / EPIRB / BEACON disposal -  When you upgrade your PLB (personal locator beacon) it is important to dispose of the old one in the correct manner. This notice is from the MASA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and advises how to dispose of the beacons correctly. Notice dated 05/02/15.

BIGGEST MORNING TEA - Sunday 28th June 10.30 am - 1.30 pm - We raised $1080.00 - Big thank you to everyone who participated to make this event so successful. We were blessed with the weather. Numerous people baked food and contributed their time. Thank you also to BreastScreen SA, Woolworths Marryatville, Coles Burnside, Bakers Delight Burnside, The Village Baker Burnside, Laubman and Pank Burnside, Eyes and Vision Burnside, Jurlique Burnside, T2 Burnside, Estee Lauder at BV Pharmacy and to all individuals who contributed raffle prizes and thanks Murray for the 1 tonne of firewood, the recipient was very excited. You can still donate online at

CONGRATULATIONS Diana Jemson once again for a worldwide achievement - 2nd Runner Up - 2015 ‘Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide’ (female pilot who conducts the most flights to introduce non-pilot girls and women to flying during the week of March 2 to March 8 2015) - this means she is still Australia's Most Dedicated Female Pilot for 2014 and 2015.

2015 AvSafety Seminars - dates and locations for 2015

CASA Visual Flight Rules Guide - hard copy available Mar 2015 - get your copy now - this is one of the best VFR guides around and worth any serious aviator having in their collection of goodies - A5 size.

Finally.... RWY by OzRunways for the Android. Your current OzRunways subscription is also valid for RWY and you can mix and match devices. An Android phone in your pocket and an iPad in the aircraft? Not a problem, one subscription covers them both! 19/12

The RA-Aus web page provides all the information required to prepare for and sit the exam, including links to all study materials and the online exam.

CAAP 166-1(3): Operations in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes - has been revised and republished on August 2014. This CAAP should be read in conjunction with CAAP 166-2 Pilots’ responsibility for collision avoidance in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes using ‘see-and-avoid’.

EasyVFR -  This is a quick and easy tool to use for Flight Navigation by PocketFMS is available for both iOS and Android - but remember the software is not CASA approved and therefore you must carry charts - thanks Tyson for advising us of this app. 25/10 

Military Airspace Requirements - we received a letter from RA-Aus re "Advice of a future amendment to CAO 95.55 - paragraph 7.3" - to clarify operations by RA-Aus pilots and RA-Aus aircraft in active military restricted areas - dated 28/2/13

There are a couple of really good articles in the Flight Safety Magazine Australia about radio, being heard, listening and airmanship along with a 101 checklist... I've added them under Articles of Interest on the Stories page.

2015 translates to a Number 8 Universal Year which is about successful business/career opportunities, abundance and utilising your resources. Remember abundance is not only about money and possessions, it is also about the resources (family and friends) and the love and passion you have around you and what you give back. This may be the year you finally take the opportunity to do what you want to do, go after a dream you have wanted for some time. Have faith in yourself and take positive steps toward achieving your dreams. Have an enjoyable, adventurous and prosperous 2015.


iWOAW Organization Seal - Authorised Female Friendly  We are so very proud to have been recognised internationally as a Women Friendly
  Organization by Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2014 and Diana participated again in 2015.

  We celebrated our initial event on Sunday 9th March 2014 and flew 56 ladies between 6 pilots in 2 seater small aircraft (56 flights). It was the first time Australia was represented in this event. 

  In March 2015, Diana again celebrated WoAW along with the assistance of John Modistach (pilot), Bron Nielsen, Mary Trowbridge and Michael van der Heiden as ground staff. We flew a total of 18 ladies for the event.

  Trophy prizes for Women of Aviation Week Worldwide 2014 were announced and Diana Jemson
achieved 1st Runner Up for 2014 ‘Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide’ making her Australia's Most Dedicated Female Pilot. In 2015, Diana achieved 2nd Runner Up for 2015 ‘Most Dedicated
Female Pilot Worldwide’ with two American ladies taking out the first two prize trophies, once
again making Diana... Australia's Most Dedicated Female Pilot.


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