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Flying stories, videos and items of interest

This page lists Personal flying storiesupdated 15/03/14, Articles of interest and interesting websites updated 06/01/14, Other media submissions updated03/10/15 and Other items of interest updated 21/01/15 - all with an aviation flavour from myself or others. You need Acrobat Reader to view the stories and collections of pictures. For individual pictures submitted by fellow aviation enthusiasts, check out the Gallery page.
Personal flying stories updated 15/03/14

NewMysterious Properties of the Air - Why does what happens 'out of this world' affect what happens near the ground? Another interesting article written by amateur astronomer John Newell and published in March 2014 AWPA Airnews Magazine

Grampians March 2012 - A joint birthday celebration and an expensive saucepan - submitted by Aileen Hierdsfield, Apr 2012

Airspace, Kilmore Gap and Point Cook - Touring Victorian airspace as published in Jan 2012 Sport Pilot Magazine - Diana Jemson, Aug 2011 - (6mg)

Outback Safari and CAGIT - 5 weeks, 5800nm, 1200 litres of fuel, average GS 82kts - We managed to find several places we would like to revisit. Curtin Springs appears like a great spot to layover and explore Ayres Rock, Kings Canyon and Palm Valley. Getting around the Alice airspace is not as difficult as I thought. Now I feel confident going back and forth to access the far north of WA - Kev Young YLTV, Sep 2011

Arkaroola and William Creek: June 2011 - a pictorial - 4 planes, 8 people - flight to Arkaroola, Lake Eyre, William Creek, Lake Frome, Yunta and home (Goolwa) by Diana Jemson

Girls Day Out at YMBD - a day organised by SI Diana for the girls to experience flying by Nicky Scrivener, 31 Aug 2010 (as published in Recreational Aviation Australia Magazine, December 2010)

Jabiru 1832 - a short story about collecting Jabiru 1832 for Lawrie by Diana Jemson, Jun 2010

Grampians Trip Day 1 - a pictorial - Sun 28th March 2010... scratching our way out of YMBD and an afternoon 4WD tour by Diana Jemson

Grampians Trip Day 2 - a pictorial - Mon 29th Mar 2010... flying to Naracoorte and checking out the caves by Diana Jemson

Grampians Trip Day 3 - a pictorial - Tue 30th Mar 2010... a morning of leisure and a flight to Stawell for lunch, followed by an evening flight by Diana Jemson

Grampians Trip Day 4 - a pictorial - Wed 31st Mar 2010... WOW... quad bike riding by Diana Jemson

The Grand Old Gal (River Murray from the air) - a flight along the River Murray from Murray Bridge to Morgan and return by Judalyn Baldrey, Dec 2009

Learning to Fly (part 1) - a mature beginners journey including going solo and gaining my Pilots Certificate. The joy and the tears by Diana Jemson - Mar 2009 (as published in Recreational Aviation Australia magazine, June 2009)

A course of passenger endorsement and cross country navigation (part 2 of Learning to Fly) - obtaining my passenger endorsement, learning to read maps and my first flight to Weekeroo by Diana Jemson, May 2009 (as published in Recreational Aviation Australia Magazine, August 2010) 

For a Clear View - Perception is everything... or is it?  An interesting article written by an amateur astronomer with a keen interest in aviation - article submitted by John Newell, May 2013 and published in July 2013 AWPA Airnews Magazine

Video Pictorial: In memory of Gordon Jemson - My trip to the Pt Cook RAAF Museum in Victoria with my brother Gordon - his stories and knowledge provided me with an overwhelming and interesting amount of information which otherwise would have made my trip the museum a very short one - as it was we spent the whole day there and missed out on the B24 Liberator Restoration display - submitted by Diana Jemson, 28/08/12

The History of the Agriculture Plane - Most commonly known as crop dusters, agriculture planes also perform many other functions to assist farmers - Covington Aircraft 13/12/11

Pictorial: Gloria Decadence - A first flight enjoying the sites of Goolwa - submitted by Diana Jemson, Nov 2011

Pictorial: Touching the sky without arms - An inspirational story about Jessica Cox - a pilot and talented in many other areas.... go the girls! - submitted by Warren Priest Oct 2011

Come And Get It Trophy - an exciting journey to collect the RA-Aus Come And Get It Trophy (CAGIT) by Diana Jemson 16 Feb 2011 (as published in Recreational Aviation Australia Magazine, Mar 2011)

All in a spin - I've found the elixir of youth and the ultimate facelift... first flight in a Pitts Special by Nicky Scrivener, 31 Aug 2010

Back to Arkaroola - another trip to Arkaroola, you can't keep me away by Diana Jemson, Jul 2010

Surprise Joy Flight - A surprise joy flight for a 90 year old and her daughter by Rosalie Brooks and Beryl Hayman, 14 Dec 2009 (published Feb 2010)

Christmas 2009 in Arkaroola - a story about a peaceful and joyous Christmas in Arkaroola, enjoying 13ml of rain, local company and awesome sights to take your breath away by Judalyn Baldrey, Dec 2009

The Last Fly for 2009 - the last fly for 2009 - Helen and Diana flying SSE, supposedly to Meningie, watch out Kingston here we come! by Diana Jemson, Dec 2009

Flying to Kangaroo Island  - a wish finally fulfilled and not without adventure by Diana Jemson, 14 Dec 2009

Flying High - experiencing my first flight in a Jabiru by Jeannie Gregory, Oct 2009

Lake Eyre - a great 4-day trip organised by Diana Jemson, included Weekeroo, Muloorina, Marree Man, William Creek, Wilpena Pound and Jamestown by Diana Jemson, 12-14 Aug 2009

THUMP! - it's all about an unplanned landing at Hawker on returning from Lake Eyre trip by Marc Turner, Aug 2009

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Articles of interest and interesting websites updated 06/01/14

NewBlind Faith: It's the stuff of nightmares. At a critical moment during flight you turn to your electronic flight bag (EFB) needing information right then and there. Staring back at you is an uncooperative screen, telling you it's too hot, or has insufficient power to continue. Suddenly you're left scrabbling for that vital information-in ink rather than pixels-but by then, is it too late? Flight Safety Australia Magazine (Jan-Feb 2014)

Australian Aviation Hall of Fame (AAHOF) - This web site marks the beginning in recognising individuals and organisations on a national basis who have made outstanding contributions to the development of aviation both within Australia and internationally. Aug 2013

Motion Induced Blindness - Once airborne, pilots are taught to alternate their gaze between scanning the horizon and scanning their instrument panel, and never to fix their gaze for more than a couple of seconds on any single object. They are taught to continually keep their heads on a swivel and their eyes always moving. Because, if you fix your gaze on one object long enough while you yourself are in motion, your peripheral vision goes blind. This phenomenon on the car drivers’ part is known as “Motion Induced Blindness”. It is definitely frightening - test out the link example for yourself - website submitted by Christene Southon, Feb 2013

RA-Aus CTA (Controlled Airspace) endorsement - some clarification explaining the privileges and limitations of this endorsement - PDF file - Mar 2012 - Diana Jemson

Be heard, be seen, be safe: Carrying a radio and using it is a pilot’s responsibility – as is knowing which frequency to use. It really is that simple. Today’s VFR pilots are expected to know when to change frequency and are required to use judgment, professionalism and common sense in managing frequency changes. It’s called airmanship! - Flight Safety Australia Magazine (Issue 83 Nov-Dec 2010)

Control Cable Terminal - Retirement - CASA Airworthiness Bulletin to replace stainless steel control cables before they reach 15 years time in service (31 Oct 2011)

Ladies Love Taildraggers - MISSION: To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Sep 2013

A lone Lancaster marks 70 years since the Dambusters raid - A glorious return, back where it all began. Their audacity and skill have become the stuff of legend, though nearly half of them never made it back - website submitted by Warren Priest, June 2013

Teaching Women to Fly - Why are there so few women pilots in America? In fact, only six-percent of those holding pilot certificates are female. Why is the number of women pilots so abysmally low? - website submitted by Jennifer Graham (National President, AWPA) July 2012

PRDs when and when not to transit - some information about Prohibited, Restricted and Danger areas - what the stop lights are for and when airspace is becoming active - PDF file - Apr 2012 - Diana Jemson

Alerted see-and-avoid 101 - A quick checklist for good radio habits. Flight Safety Australia Magazine (Issue 83 Nov-Dec 2010)

Cockpit Stress: How do you stop major life events affecting your performance on the flight deck? Flight Safety Australia Magazine (July-Aug 2000)

Aviation Safety and powerlines: Increase visibility of powerlines - information for the aviator from Essential Energy (April 2011)  

Top 10 ways to increase female pilots an article addressing the barriers to females and learning in aviation - submitted by Simon Stone

Top 10 barriers to female flying an interesting article on the barriers that stop women from entering aviation - submitted by Simon Stone

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Other media submissions updated 03/10/15

NewVideo: Daryl Williams enjoying the Jabiru LSA - Daryl was up in the air at Strathalbyn with Neil Wickens having fun in the Jabiru LSA - submitted by Diana Jemson 03/10/15

Video: Second Solo Michael van der Heiden - Congratulations Michael van der Heiden on your SECOND SOLO in Tecnam P96 Golf on 25/05/14 - submitted by Diana Jemson 17/08/14

Video: First Solo Michael van der Heiden - Congratulations Michael van der Heiden on your FIRST SOLO in Tecnam P96 Golf on 13/04/14 - submitted by Diana Jemson

Video: A biplane and two tigers departing on R28 - Finally a really nice day and some departing visitors 07/10/13

Game: Virtual Pilot - Can you land the Lufthansa plane in the correct city? See how clever you are at Geography - submitted by Murray Nitschke 06/10/13

Video: Drunk Helicopter Pilot - Some really priceless expression - made me ROFL - submitted by Andrew Hogarth, May 2013

Video: Second Solo Suzanne Birch - Congratulations Suzanne Birch on your Second Solo in Tecnam P96 Golf on 20/01/13 - 1.1 hours - submitted by Diana Jemson

Video: First Solo Suzanne Birch - Congratulations Suzanne Birch on your FIRST SOLO in Tecnam P96 Golf on 30/12/12 - submitted by Diana Jemson

Video: Flights of fancy in a Foxbat - John Bone and I out for a flight along the Coorong and within the vicinity of the Murray Mouth and Mundoo Island - submitted by Diana Jemson, 15/12/12

Video: My first flight in the Tecnam P96 Golf - submitted by Tyson Hillyard, 08/12/12

Video: The Great Australian Bite in a Tecnam Golf P96 - submitted by Diana Jemson, 27/08/12

Archives: VH-DSJ Light Aircraft Overdue, King Island 1978 - An interesting 217 page archive about a Cessna 182 from Moorabbin airport, Victoria that went missing over King Island in 1978 whilst reporting a UFO sighting - submitted by Diana Jemson

Slides: Red Bull aircraft Hangar 7 & 8 - A look inside the Red Bull aircraft collection; awesome (10mg) - submitted by Warren Priest

Video: Five Wingsuit Flyers and Two Sailplanes in Tight Formation - How close can five wingsuit flyers come to two gliders cruising at 180 km/h 4,000 metres above the ground? - submitted by Peter Kowald

Video: B24 Liberator - The B-24 liberator was one of the vital air components used in The Battle For Australia and pushing back the threat to invasion. During World War II this aircraft operated out of RAAF Amberley near Ipswich Queensland. After WWII many Liberator’s were stripped and the remains buried under the existing airbase and near Warrill Creek. It's amazing that one B-24 Liberator came off the assembly line every 55 minutes at Willow Run (near Bellville, Canton and Ypsilanti, Michigan) Take a few minutes to watch this snapshot of history - submitted by Warren Priest

Video: Advanced Jab Training - but seriously...  RV Aerobatics when thrust is greater than weight and drag - Joe Smith's Friday noon demo 2011 - submitted by Kev Young

Pictures: Small Models - Mr Park and his small aircraft models... WOW what an incredible artist (4mg) - submitted by Warren Priest

Video: Close Call - Check that density altitude or this may be you - submitted by Simon Stone

Video: SeaBreacher - Not quite flying, but LOADS of FUN - submitted by Peter Kowald

Slides: Landing Strips - This is what pilots see... some awesome airfields here - submitted by Simon Stone

Video: Pacific Ditching - It's not often that a video camera is handy at the exact moment a pilot has to ditch, but that was the case when a pilot ferrying a Cessna 310 to Hawaii from California ran out of fuel on Friday - report 11 Oct 2011 - submitted by Simon Stone

Video: Bored at the airport (6mg) here is something you can do whilst waiting for your flight - submitted by Grant Norris

Pictures: Lucky Pilot... You know the saying "any landing you can walk away from.." - submitted by Peter Kowald

Picture: Short field take off... this is what you call 'just clearing the fence' - submitted by Warren Priest

Video: It takes a lot of work to fly this badly... submitted by John and Daphne Bone

Video: Because deep down... we all want to fly! submitted by Diana Jemson

Pictures: Comfort vs Speed... something about the wisdom of age that makes all the difference - submitted by Marc Turner

Pictures: Flying Lions Aerobatic Team... spectacular - submitted by Marc Turner

Video: The Grampians in a Jabiru LSA - on our trip to the Grampians in 2009 an early morning flight as the sun was rising was a sight to behold - submitted by Diana Jemson, 10/04/2009

Video: Solo Endorsement Tyson Hillyard - Congratulations Tyson Hillyard on your Solo endorsement in the Tecnam P96 Golf on 27/12/14 - submitted by Diana Jemson 29/12/14

Video: A beautiful day at the airfield in Strathalbyn - All the aircraft are out... Tecnam, the Jabiru, a visiting Jabiru 170, the trikes... and of course the SUNSHINE... what a lovely day and great to see so much activity at the airfield, 21/09/13

YouTube: Flying teacups - A very different slant on 'tea cup turns' A nice response Tony - submitted by Tony Richardson 27/09/13

Video: First time F-111 Belly Landing - Real Top Guns light up a city but sometimes thing go wrong in the air - March 2006 - they loose a wheel - 7 minutes - submitted by John Hughes Feb 2013

Video: Top 10 Low Pass Fly By's of All Time - Thrills for all - low level flying - submitted by Warren Priest 28/1/13

Video: Matt Hall's Amazing Recovery - How he stalled and recovered at the Red Bull Air Race in Windsor, Canada June 2010 - submitted by Grant Norris Jan 2013

Video: A Tecnam P96 Golf, a S211 Jet, and a camera with a great lens - submitted by Diana Jemson, 25/11/12

Air Asia billboard - Some very creative advertising - submitted by Simon Stone, July 2012

Video: What trees? I think this one speaks for itself - submitted by Simon Stone

Video: And for a daily dose of drama... it does have sound... but I couldn't stop laughing and I think we all need a good belly laugh every now and then! - submitted by Diana Jemson

Video: BE2A WWI Airplane - Andrew Willox is building a replica of the first mass-produced Royal Aircraft Factory design, the BE2a. This is a first cut of a work in progress (edited by Andrew Narozny) as the plane takes shape into a full replica that will be donated to the RAAF Museum at Point Cook Victoria - submitted by Diana Jemson

Video: Spectacular Landing - When landing gear fails... saved by a Nissan Frontier - submitted by Peter Kowald & Simon Stone

Video: F-35 take off - Skilled, talented and loopy... what can I say - submitted by Andrew Hogarth

Comedy Skit: Lost Luggage - The perils of poms travelling to Australia - submitted by Peter Kowald

Video: Oops - Let's get out of this quickly (4mg) - submitted by many

Video: The Best Ever - Oh my... some aerobatic flight in action (1.5mg) - submitted by Andrew Hogarth

Video: Finessing the Rudder (An out-of-balance ball Exercise from Aviation Safety Magazine) submitted by Simon Stone

Slides: VH-NLD departing Goolwa (2mg) Check out the pics of the L-39 jet leaving Goolwa for Bathurst 03/07/11 - submitted by Diana Jemson

Video: It's not your time to die (3mg) - amazing flying considering what happens - submitted by Diane Stone

Video: Fasten your seat belt for a fantastic ride... submitted by Marc Turner - This video is a once in a lifetime experience of a British civilian (James May) getting a flight at over 70,000 ft in a U-2 spy plane. At take-off, the assist wheels on the outer edges of the wings drop-off. The wings are so long they need temporary support until lift-off. What is not shown is when landing the plane actually slows to a speed which enables two guys to grab the wing tips and put those assist wheels back on.  

Article: Emergency Procedures - Although it’s tempting to think that emergencies always happen to “other pilots,” the truth is that none of us are immune - submitted by Simon Stone

Video: Redneck Landing... (3mg) can you fly this well, talk about shortest runway ever! submitted by Marc Turner

Video: Neil and his clarinet at Asses Ears - Grampians 2010 -  submitted by Diana Jemson  

Pictures: Kulula Airlines... new paint job explains everything! submitted by Marc Turner

Pictures: Hurricane Katrina cloud formations... submitted by Judalyn Baldrey

YouTube: iPad for Aviation... AVweb May 31, 2010 - Could it really be? Is the iPad the ultimate cockpit EFB (electronic flight bag) that we've all been waiting for... submitted by Simon Stone

Fun: Parachute Jump...this will drive you mad... help Daffy Duck parachute from the plane and land on the target... good luck - submitted by Christine Southon 

Check out our YouTube channel for more flying video.

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Other items of related interest updated 21/01/15

OUR THOUGHTS - Our thoughts are always with those fellow aviators and friends who are involved in an incident or fatality. Whilst we cannot and do not want to list every occurrence, please accept our sincere condolences to all pilots and family members.

UpdatedRIP - Cyril (Grandad) Johnson 16/01/15 - The Johnson family are sad to say that Cyril "Grandad" Johnson passed away on his 95th birthday - Friday 16th January. His achievements were amazing and he constantly defied the odds - and did so with courage, humour and dignity. He led a staggering life from beginning to end that touched so many people in so many ways. He was adored by his family who were with him in his final moments. 16.1.1920 - 16.1.2015: An incredible innings! Never to be forgotten.

NewRIP - Mishka Jemson 30/01/13 - Mishka was a very well travelled cat via air and by road, and my greatest travelling companion and buddy, she is greatly missed - 20 years young. THANK YOU - to all those with their kind wishes & thoughts ;-)

RIP - Carne Trethewey 30/11/12
- Dear Lyndon... our thoughts are with you after the sad passing of Carne the amazing dog!  He will be missed on the airfield.

RIP Gordon Jemson 22/8/2012  59 years young... a life cut too short - you are missed. I have posted a video in his honour of a trip we took together to the Pt Cook RAAF Museum in Victoria where he was an awesome tour guide.

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